Stuck at home?—Time for Family Meals

How about working on more family meals and mindful eating techniques? We all get messages that family meals are important for our kids wellbeing. This can be hard when we are very busy. NOW, most of us are on a forced break. We can’t go out and about. ‘Can’t go out for a meal. It is a great time to make meals at home special.

  • Cook with your kids

  • Set the table with your best dishes
  • Light candles

  • Sit down together
  • Don’t start eating until everyone is seated
  • Give thanks for the meal—you don’t need to be religious to give thanks!
    • Farmers who grew our food
    • Truck drivers who got food to stores
    • Store stockers, and checkout clerks
    • The many, many people who make it possible for us to eat!
  • Clean up together

Why are family meals important?

  • Great way to spend time together and talk!
  • We make healthier meals when we make them for more than 1 person
  • Kids who eat with their parents at least 4-5 days per week do better in school!

Make Family Meals Special

  • Set the table with your nicest dishes
  • Put candles on the table
  • Go through your recipes and let kids choose something special
    • Doesn’t matter what the food is, you can make the meal special!
      • Frozen pizza or grilled cheese sandwiches?  Serve it on plates with a green salad or sliced fruit on the side.
      • Macaroni and cheese—try making it from scratch. Serve with green veggie and sliced or cherry tomatoes
    • If you make any food look nice on a plate or in a bowl,  and sit down together, the meal can be special!

  • Check out recipes in the Cooking 101 section or this blog: