Lori is available to develop and provide nutrition, diabetes and lifestyle education programs for your group, large or small.

  • Presentation on a specific nutrition topic for 30 minutes up to 2 hours
  • Program that includes several topics over several hours or in weekly or monthly sessions and may include additional presenters.

Lori’s presentations and programs are interactive and may include demonstrations of preparing healthy foods, taste testing, mindfulness exercises, physical activity practices.

Presentations in the past have been to healthcare professionals, parent groups, sports’ teams, corporate staffs, groups of individuals with pre-diabetes and with diabetes or other specific disorders. Groups have included anywhere from 4 people to several hundred people.

For information on scheduling Lori to present to your group, contact her at [email protected]

Sampling of Presentations Lori has done:

  • Nutrition for children with chronic kidney disease or on dialysis at national medical and nutrition conferences
  • Tube Feeding and Transition to Oral Feeding, at workshops for dietitian-nutritionists
  • Infant and pediatric formulas at workshops for dietitian-nutritionists
  • Functional Foods, for athletes and active people
  • Healthy and Enjoyable Nutrition, for insurance companies’ employees and patrons
  • Nourishing Young Athletes, Nutritional Issues for Girls in Endurance Sports, for Parents and Coaches  of young and adolescent girls in sports
  • Pediatric Weight Management for Pediatricians at a staff meeting, and for both dietitian-nutritionist groups and diabetes educators
  • Turning the Tide of Childhood Obesity, September, 2016 (American Association of Diabetes Educators–Oregon annual meeting, Salishan, OR)
  • Nutrition for Adults with specific health conditions at support group meetings

Multi-part Programs Lori has Developed

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds, Healthy Spirits, a collaborative, multiweek program with multiple instructors

Diabetes Education Program, AADE Accredited comprehensive diabetes education program

College Nutrition courses  at both community college and universities