Help lower blood pressure by eating more potassium

High blood pressure is a major factor in heart disease, especially stroke. Most of us know that decreasing salt (or sodium) helps lower blood pressure. BUT, did you know that getting more potassium in your diet helps lower your blood pressure, regardless of how much salt you are eating? This is important for most people who are struggling with being overweight, or who have diabetes. Both overweight and diabetes have been shown to increase heart disease and risk for stroke and well as kidney failure.

grapes and strawberries etc

High potassium foods–vegetables and fruits

How do I get more potassium? EAT MORE VEGETABLES AND FRUIT!! All vegetables and fruits contain potassium. Some have more potassium than others. Eating more vegetables and fruits also gives you many of vitamins and minerals that you need to be healthy. People who eat more vegetables and fruits  tend to live longer and be healthier than those who eat very few. Aim for at least 5 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit every day. One serving of vegetables is 1/2 cup cooked or 1 cup raw. One serving of fruit is 1 small piece or 1 cup berries or cut up fruit.

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Here is a list of many vegetables and fruits, and the potassium content of one serving. You are aiming for at least 4700 mg potassium per day. You also get potassium from milk, nuts and seeds, meats and even coffee!  And you thought that you had to eat bananas to get potassium!

Artichoke, ¼ medium/2.5 oz 265
Beans, green, fresh, boiled, ½ cup 190
Beans, garbonzo, canned,  ½ cup 210
Beans, lima, large canned, ½ cup 265
Beans, Pinto, canned, ½ cup 290
Beets, boiled, ½ cup 260
Broccoli, boiled, ½ cup/3.2 oz 166
Brussels Sprouts, boiled, ½ cup 250
Butternut squash, cubed, baked ½ cup 290
Carrots, raw, 1 large, 7 ½ in long 233
Carrots, sliced, boiled, ½ cup 180
Corn, fresh, boiled, ½ cup 204
Lettuce, Romaine, 1 cup 165
Mushrooms, raw, ½ cup 260
Mixed vegetables, frozen, boiled ½cup 155
Pumpkin, canned, ½ cup 255
Summer squash, sliced, boiled ½ cup 175
Tomato puree, canned, ¼ cup 266
Tomato paste. 2 tbsp 266
Zucchini, fresh or frozen, boiled ½ cup 230
Avocado                 ¼ med /1.5 oz 275
Cantaloupe                           ½ cup 245
Grapefruit          3 ¾ “ diameter 1/2 170
Honeydew                               ½ cup 230
Mango                 ½ medium/3 ½ oz 160
Nectarine, raw      1 medium, 2 ½ in 290
Orange, raw          1 medium 2 5/8 in 240
Peach, raw             1 medium  2 ½ in 195
Pear, raw                   1 med/5.5 oz 210
Plums, raw                 2 med/4.4 oz 220
Acorn squash, baked, ½ cup 450
Beans, baked, canned,½ cup 360
Beans, kidney, canned ½ cup 330
Beans, Navy, canned, ½ cup 380
Chard, Swiss, boiled, ½ cup 430
Lentils, boiled, ½ cup 365
Potato baked w/skin, 1 small/ 4.9 oz 760
Potato baked w/skin, 1 large 10.5 oz 1650
Sweet potato, baked, 2 inch X 5inch 397
Sweet potato, boiled, mashed, ½ cup 305
Yam, baked/boiled, ½ cup 455
Apricots ,  3 medium/3.5 oz 315
Banana, 1 small/4 oz 450
Dates, dried, 5 medium/1.4 oz 350
Papaya, raw, ½ medium/5 oz 390
Prunes, dried, medium/1.4 oz 315
Raisins , ¼ cup/1.3 oz 310