Corporate Wellness

Lori is available to provide your employees  with up to date nutrition and wellness information. She can do a group presentation to your staff, and then make appointments to see individuals on a one on one basis as needed. Address issues such as pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, weight concerns before they result  in catastrophic illness.

Help your employees learn how to eat more healthily, improve physical activity, improve sleep, reduce stress. Lori can work together with other healthcare professionals to provide a team approach to improving workplace health, depending on your needs.

Providing “Wellness” training to your employees can result in a healthier workforce, and thus, lower medical insurance plan costs. Healthier employees are more productive employees.

Team Wellness

Lori is available to speak to your sports team to help athletes eat for optimal fitness and performance. After talking to your team as a group, she can address individual concerns.

Group or Club Wellness

Lori can come talk to your group–whether it be a group of folks with a specific health condition, a social group or club, a group of parents, or a group of kids. She loves to help people understand the importance of healthy eating and give them practical ways to achieve it!

Evidence based Nutrition and Wellness Information

There is a lot of information in the public media and on the internet that is not based in credible science and can be downright dangerous. It is difficult to separate what is helpful from what is harmful. Lori addresses this in her presentations and in individual consultation sessions. You can be sure you will receive up to date scientific information in a format that you and your employees, team or group members can put into practice.