So you want to start a nutrition practice?

  • What do you need to know and what pitfalls do you need to avoid?
  • What about billing? Are you planning to bill insurance companies or are you going to work on a cash basis?
  • What’s the best route to go for collecting $$? Will you take credit cards? If so, how do you find an efficient, credible credit card company?
  • How are your going to get referrals?
  • What will you use for nutrition education materials? Will you develop your own, purchase pre-existing materials or use some combination?

Lori built a successful private practice in nutrition over 11 years; she knows first hand some of the challenges you will face. She understands billing and finding a good billing company. She knows how to develop a referral base. She has developed lots of nutrition education materials and can give you advice on developing your own, or she can make her materials available to you for a fee.

Contact Lori if you would like consultation on how to develop your nutrition practice.