TeleHealth OR Telephone Nutrition Consults and Diabetes Education:

See Lori from the comfort of your home, or office. All you need is an internet connection and a computer or tablet with video capability or a phone. Lori can help with a wide variety of nutrition related conditions and concerns in adults, as well as infants and children. She specializes in diabetes and pediatrics:

  • Diabetes:

    • Lori works with you and your physician to make sure all diabetes recommendations fit your individual needs. 
    • Type 1

      • Matching insulin to food intake
      • Healthy and flexible eating
      • Developing a plan  for maintaining blood glucose during sports and physical activity or exercise
      • Helping parents manage kids’ diabetes with less stress
      • Preventing complications
      • Recommendations for diabetes technology that can make management easier and more accurate
    • Type 2

      • Using healthy eating and activity to manage blood glucose without meds WHEN POSSIBLE
      • Diabetes medications (oral, and injectable)
      • Transition to insulin WHEN NECESSARY
    • Gestational diabetes

      • Prevention early in pregnancy
      • Eating to manage blood glucose wit gestational diabetes
      • Eating with insulin or other medications when necessary
    • Pre-Diabetes

      • Use healthy eating and lifestyle to prevent diabetes
  • Weight Management

    • Non-Diet approach to lifestyle change to achieve a healthy weight for YOUR body
  • Pediatrics

    • Growth concerns

      • Failure to Thrive or poor weight gain and growth
      • Excessive weight gain
    • Under or over eating

    • Infant feeding problems, including breast feeding problems

    • Feeding problems in children

      • Extreme picky eaters
      • Oral motor feeding problems
        • Lori will work with you and your child’s occupational or speech therapist to address feeding problems

    • Special diets for chronic conditions in children

      • Diabetes, Kidney failure, Liver disease, gastro-intestinal conditions
    • Tube feeding for children (and adults) with special health care needs

  • Sports Nutrition

    • Adults, children and adolescents!
      • Learn how to eat and drink to fuel your workouts and sports events

If Lori cannot help you with your concern, she will refer you to someone who can. The information obtained from Lori is not meant to be a substitute for medical care and advice from you or your child’s primary care provider.

Lori uses a privacy protected consulting platform called “Healthie” for all Telehealth and telephone visits. Via Healthie, she can send you materials you need to follow your nutrition or diabetes management plan as well as notes summarizing your TeleHealth or phone visit.

Your primary healthcare provider can fax referrals or health information to Lori via secure electronic fax at 833-237-0429. Lori can fax nutrition reports to your provider as desired by you.

Your personal and health information will be kept confidential.

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