TeleHealth Nutrition Consults and Diabetes Education:

Contact Lori if you would like personal or group consultation for a nutrition concern or for diabetes management. This could be for a variety of nutrition concerns:

  • Diabetes,
  • Pre-Diabetes,
  • Weight management;
  • Celiac Disease;
  • GI concerns.

Lori is also available to answer your questions about nutrition concerns for infants and children, such as:

  • introduction of solid foods to infants,
  • feeding problems,
  • picky eating,
  • problems with growth and weight gain,
  • overweight, diabetes,
  • celiac disease. 

If Lori cannot help you with your concern, she will refer you to someone who can. The information obtained from Lori is not meant to be a substitute for medical care and advice from you or your child’s primary care provider.

Lori uses a privacy protected consulting platform called “Healthie”. Via Healthie, she can send you materials you need to follow your nutrition or diabetes management plan as well as notes summarizing your TeleHealth visit.

Your primary healthcare provider can fax referrals or health information to Lori via secure electronic fax at 833-237-0429. Lori can fax nutrition reports to your provider as desired by you.

Your personal and health information will be kept confidential.

See consultation packages and prices below under: Book a Consultation Online with Lori Brizee.



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