Articles in professional publications

  • Lori Brizee: Medication-Nutrient Interactions for Children with Special Health-Care Needs; Nutrition Focus for Children with Special Healthcare Needs, published by the Center on Human Development and Disability, University of Washington, Vol 33, No 102, March/April 2018
  • Lori Brizee: “Short Bowel Syndrome” in Nutrition Interventions for Children with Special Health Care Needs, 3rd Edition, pp 227-236, Published by Washington State Department of Health, 2010
  • Lori Brizee, Marci Nelson, Meheret Asfaw, and Jennifer House, “Nutrition Management of Transplantation”, in Pediatric Manual of Clinical Dietetics, second Edition, pp 361-374, published by the American Dietetic Association (now Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) 2003, (updated 2008)
  • Lori Brizee, Nutrition for Children with Chronic Renal Failure, Nutrition Focus for Children with Special Healthcare Needs, Vol 10, no 1 pp 1-10, Jan-Feb 1995
  • Lori Brizee: Nutrition support in E. Coli induced Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome: A case study from the 1993 E. Coli outbreak in Washington State. Renal Nutrition Forum. Vol 13, No 3 pp 1-4, summer 1994
  • Lori Brizee, Christine Sophos and J F McLaughlin Nutrition issues in developmental disabilities. Infants and Young Children, Vol 2, No 3, pp 10-21, Jan 1990
    FC Bennett, S McClelland, EA Kriegsmann, L Brizee-Andrus (former name), nd CJ Sells, Vitamin and mineral supplementation in Downs Syndrome. Pediatrics, Vol 72, No 5, pp 707-713, Nov 1983

Articles in popular media

  • “Sleep and Obesity”,, an online pediatric nutrition education site by Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 2011
  • “My Child is Overweight”, “Healthy Eating During the Holidays” “Diabetes” (parts 1, 2 and 3) for Play Outdoors, (a former magazine in Bend Oregon) 2009-2010
    See blog on this site for multiple articles on nutrition for children and adults!
  • Lori S Brizee, with Sue Schumann Warner, Healthy Choices, Healthy Children, A Guide to Raising Fit, Happy Kids. Published by Paraclete Press, 2011

Many more articles for the public have been made into blog posts on this site.