Healthy Choices, Healthy Children, A Guide to Raising Fit, Happy Kid by Lori S Brizee with Sue Schumann Warner was published in October 2011 by Paraclete Press

This book was written as a very practical, but science based nutrition guide for parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches….anyone who has kids in their lives. It recognizes that we all have busy lives and there are times when meals are not going to be perfectly balanced, but there are many things we can do to ensure that our kids are well nourished and healthy.

The first three chapters are “Back to Basics”–What can we do to make sure are kids are healthy?

The first chapter: The “How’s” of Eating–just by sitting down together for meals, we improve our kids’ health—this chapter gives lots of tips for making sit down meals possible and avoiding the pitfalls of grazing throughout the day.

The second chapter: The “Whats” of Eating–what IS a healthy diet for kids? This chapter helps parents figure out how to feed kids the foods they need to be healthy, without having to be gourmet chefs.

The third chapter: Kids are Made to be Active–Kids need LOTS of physical activity to grow and develop into healthy adults. It is really tempting to put them in front of a TV or give in to begging for more computer game time. This chapter gives lots of ideas for getting kids up off of their behinds.

Part two of the book puts things in perspective; chapters include:

Teaching Kids about Healthy Eating; Kids’ Foods or Just a Way to Market Junk?; Help for Picky Eaters; and What Should Parents be Eating?

Part Three deals with difficult issues; chapters include:

My Child’s Weight is Out of Control–What Should I Do?; What Does Getting Enough Sleep Have to Do with My Child’s Weight?; A Word to the Wise About Eating Disorders; How Environment and Genetics Have Created and Obese Society; and What About Calories.

The fourth section of the book, “Putting It Into Practice” is a compilation of  recipes that I have developed over many years.

At the end of the book are appendices that give more detailed information about specific food groups and nutrients, nutrition and lifestyle references for families, and the scientific references that were used in the writing of this book.

If this information sounds like something you want or need–order the book through your favorite local bookstore (‘always nice to give business to your neighbors!!), or from