I had to post this, because I’m sure you’ve all heard about the new weight loss drug that was just approved by the FDA. Lorcaserin, trade name “Belviq” (pronounced BEL-VEEK) helps promote weight loss by helping a person to feel full sooner. Studies show that it can help decrease total body weight by 5%–not a lot, BUT, if accompanied by healthy diet and exercise, the effect could beĀ  significant. The goal would be to do everything you are already doing to cut calories and increase physical activity, PLUS take this drug to speed up weight loss. It will be available to individuals with BMI over 30, or those with BMI between 25 and 30 who have another weight related condition (i.e., type 2 diabetes or hypertension)

Another drug, Qnexa will likely be approved soon, it is a combination of phentermine (one of the currently approved weight loss drugs) and topirimate (an anti-seizure drug that is also used for migraines). These drugs together have been shown to promote a 10% weight loss. Again, if the drug is used along with healthy, low calorie diet and increased physical activity, it can be helpful in promoting more weight loss than diet and activity alone.

The take home message is that these drugs are fairly useless if not accompanied by the hard work of lifestyle change, BUT, they can be a good adjunct to lifestyle change when a person has a lot of weight to lose. See the link below to read more about them.