You may have heard that many people want to ban flavored milk in school meal programs, because they think that it contributes to childhood obesity. Does it really? The evidence would suggest not. (see the link below to an “In My View” article in the Bend Bulletin, written by Lori Brizee)

We need to be very clear about what we do know about childhood obesity–sedentary activity (TV, Computer games), lack of physical activity, inadequate sleep, grazing on any food or drink that contains calories (plain milk, chocolate milk, fruit juice, sports drinks, crackers, chips, even fruit) rather than eating regular meals and snacks, sitting at the table all contribute to obesity. It may sound good to get that sugared milk out of our schools, but what will that really do? For one, it will decrease calcium intake in children, putting them at risk for poor bone development and later development of osteoporosis…. read the article in the link below, and let me know what you think!